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Hamburg is Germany`s second largest metropolis. Here in the North, people are traditionally tolerant and open-minded. After all, one of the world`s largest harbours has been dealing with guests from all over the world at all times. Thus visitors can see and meet a variety of things. The Hanseatic town offers historical sights, as Rathaus and Michel, elegant shopping malls and splendid boulevards, international musicals, and much green space. Having the Alster and countless parks, Hamburg is amongst Germany`s greenest large towns. Those who like it more colourful find in St. Pauli a whole city quarter devoting itself to culture and night life.

Infos and Sights

A Night in St. Pauli
The history of Hamburg is indelibly tied to that of its harbor, which dates back to the 12th century. Hamburg's harbor was an important transshipment point for goods and materials from all over the world....

Hansestadt Hamburg
Hamburg Harbour has always been determining the history of the Hanseatic town. Still in our times, the harbour with its pier and gigantic container ships is the biggest tourist attraction in Hamburg. A tour round the...

Museums in Hamburg
Our destination takes us to the North-German city of Hamburg. The old Hansa-town on the River Elbe is known all over the world mainly for its colorful harbor and the nearby adult entertainment district of...

Around the Alster
As fitting a seaside- and sailors` city, water plays an important role all over Hamburg. Most of the time, one thinks of the harbour in this context. Nonetheless, there is a water in the city`s heart,...

Fruit Blossom in the Alte Land
Right at the doors of the million-metropolis of Hamburg a veritable natural paradise is located.
The vast marsh-land of the Alte Land is worth visiting especially in spring. As in May, countless fruit cultures bear endless lines...

Hamburg and the Alster
As you'd expect from a port and seafaring city, water plays a key role in Hamburg. Most people think of the harbour, of course. But in fact, there's an artificial lake in the very heart of the city whose recreational and leisure value is perhaps even greater.

Cycling on the Elbe River
Germany's second longest river, the Elbe river, offers beautiful cycle trails along its banks. We are heading down the Elbe by bicycle, from Dresden all the way to Hamburg.

Shopping in Hamburg
Hamburg is the right place for a shopping spree. The inner city area has much to offer but also the surrounding quarters many shops and boutiques.

The Port of Hamburg
Hamburg's harbour has had a profound influence on the town's history right from the start. And, with its landing stage and huge container ships, the harbour is still Hamburg's biggest tourist attraction today.

Literary Hamburg
A literary walk through Hamburg leads from the grave of the Poet Klopstock to Karl Marx's publisher and to the Literaturhauscaf. The night belongs to the crowds at the "Poetryslam".

The Baltic Island of Poel
Endless Beaches to take a bath or ride along, a beautiful nature and undisturbed peace: Poel is an ideal spot for those who want to relax. As an delicacy the island offers fresh crabs.

Blankenese Impressions
Blankenese is one of Hamburg's high class quarters. The former fishing village on the Elbe river charmes it's visitors and inspires it's artists by giving new impressions everyday.

By Oldtimer through the Countryside
There are people in this world who only really feel alive when they have gas fumes in their noses and the clattering of antique automobile engines in their ears. We call these people Old-Timer Fans,...

A Bike Tour Along the Elbe
Our second destination takes us along the Elbe, from Dresend downriver to just outside Hamburg. Germany's second longest river offers those willing to exert the effort, a wonderful way to discover the landscape and people along the river. ...

Stade and Altes Land
The old Hanseatic town of Hamburg is one of Germany's most popular tourist attractions. However, only a few kilometers south-west of Hamburg lies a town that is pretty much unknown to most tourists, Stade....

Hamburg Sankt Pauli
Travelling to Hamburg, a true metropolis this is what we have planned next. In St. Pauli, people say, the seaport city`s heart beats. Red-light districts and sea romanticism la Hans Albers, these are the ...

Outside the Gates of Hamburg
The name of Hamburg is known throughout the world. But it isn't only the inner city that makes the town on the Elbe river so appealing. Its suburbs too offer many attractions.