The Port of Hamburg, Germany

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Hamburg's harbour has had a profound influence on the town's history right from the start, and, with its landing stage (the Landungsbrocken) and huge container ships, the harbour is still Hamburg's biggest tourist attraction today. A harbour round trip by boat is the ideal way of seeing the floating giants from close quarters. But apart from these modern features, Hamburg also offers nostalgic ones, some of which you will encounter across the way, in the warehouses of the Speicherstadt. Towards the end of the 19th century, a free port area was set up here, where valuable merchandise, such as tobacco, coffee and spices, was stored in old brick buildings; and there is a museum specifically dedicated to life and work in the port in those days. A stroll across the world-famous Reeperbahn is of course a must for any visitor to Hamburg; and when the sun rises once again, the night owls and early birds meet at the Fish Market to try some of Aale-Dieter's fresh fish.

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