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Hamburg has always been a city of international trade. Situated far inland on the Elbe River, where even the huge container ships of today can bring their cargo from all over the world into the heart of Europe and Germany can export goods globally, Hamburg was a member of the medieval Hanseatic League that shaped the economic fate of the entire continent. For centuries, the business of Hamburg has been business - so there's no better destination for a European shopping trip.

The Monckebergstrasse, Jungfernstieg and Hanseviertel surround the lovely Binnenalster man-made lake at the city's center, rivalling any other high-class shopping districts you care to name for sheer elegance and beauty. But haute couture or fabulous jewels are not all that are on offer here - Hamburg also has shops for small, unusual gifts. And of course the downtown area is not the only place where interesting shops are found - the chic neighborhood of Eppendorf and the edges of the port area are also filled with out-of-the-ordinary items. Destination Germany has put together a shopping list for visitors with a discriminating eye.

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