Great Britain Travel Information

Area: 159,057 sq. km.

Population: 62,262,000 (2010)

Capitals:London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Cardiff, Wales;

Language: English - You will find regions in Scotland & Wales where local residents speak Gaelic, but everyone speaks English

Religion: Various denominations are represented

Time Zone: GMT

Electricity: 230 volts AC 50-60Hz - A square three-pronged adaptor and/or electric converter for appliances required

Passport: Valid passport and return or onward travel ticket or an Entry Certificate

Currency: UK Pound (100 Pence)

Health: No special precautions

Climate: Moderate climate, 4 mild seasons with temperature generally milder and less extreme than Canadian climate

International Dialing Code: 011 (44) + Area Code + Number

Geography of Great Britain:

Great Britain is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland. Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom is not part of Great Britain. Great Britain is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean; Irish Sea, North Sea and the English Channel. England is predominantly a lowland country, although there are upland regions in the north and south west. England's major cities are London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. The chief cities of Scotland are Edinburgh, Glasgow , Aberdeen and Dundee. Scotland contains large areas of unspoilt and wild landscape and the majority of Britain's highest mountains, including Ben Nevis, the highest peak in Britain. Much of Wales is hilly or mountainous, the highest peak is Snowdon.

Two thirds of the population of Wales live in the southern valleys and lower-lying coastal areas. The chief urban centres are Cardiff, Swansea and Newport in the south and Wrexham in the north.

Map of Great Britain


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