Sri Lanka Travel Information

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Area : 24996 sq km

Population : 19 742 440

Capital city : Colombo

Time : UTC + 5:30

Currency : Rupee

Electricity : 230V

"The tear drop of India" as Sri Lanka is known certainly had cause to cry following the devastating tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. In the intervening time much has been done in terms of reconstruction in the coastal area and once again, people are able to visit areas where the National Parks are to be found. Incredibly the animals seemed to have sensed the disaster and left for higher ground and their numbers have not, therefore, been affected.

There's something exotic about this verdant tropical island and yet there's also something familiar, a fact brought about through the strong colonial influence. It's a stunningly beautiful island with a wide variety of habitats from salt pans to rain forest, from rolling grassland to dramatic mountains.

Visit the delightful Sigiryia – a mecca for birders and historians alike, each with their own take on this remarkable place.

The 5th century rock foretress of Patricide King Kasyapa is a fascinating archaeological site as well as being good for birds. High up in the mountains visit the colonial town of Nuwarra Eliya and the island's ancient capital, Kandy.