Arizona Travel Information

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Area: 113,417 sq. miles

Population: 6,338,755 (2008)

Capital: Phoenix

Language: English

Religion: All major religions represented

Time Zones: GMT -8

Electricity: 120 volts AC, 60 HZ

Passport: Proof of citizenship required for Canadians Passport required for all

Currency: U.S. Dollar = 100 cents

Climate: Desert regions average temperatures in the 25-35 Celsius in the summer, and mountain area average 22-28 Celsius. In winter, 12-22 Celsius in the low desert and 0-5 Celsius in the mountains and high plateaus.

International Dialling Code: 1+ (Area Code)


Geography of Arizona:

Arizona is located in the southwest region of the U.S and is the sixth largest state in area in the U.S. The state is divided into three regions: the northern plateaus, the central mountains and the southern deserts. A variety of flora and fauna exist in the different ranges. Arizona is home to the world famous Grand Canyon. The terrain changes from desert, canyons and buttes to lush ponderosa pine forests.

Map of Arizona, clearly marking Phoenix and neighbouring states

Bigger map of Arizona