Dominican Republic Travel Information

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Area: 48,422 sq km (18,696 sq miles)

Capital: Santo Domingo

Language: Official - Spanish, English widely spoken Dominican Republic

Religion: Roman Catholic, small Protestant and Jewish minorities.

Time Zone: GMT - 4

Electricity: 110 Volts AC, 60Hz

Population: 9,523,209 (2008)

Passport: Valid pasport required by all

Currency: Dominican Rep. Peso = 100 centavos

Health: Malaria, Typhoid & Polio precautions advised, water to be boiled

Climate: Hot with tropical temperatures all year. Rainy season is from June to October. Hurricanes possible during this period.

International Dialling Code: 1+809

Dominican Republic Geography:

The Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean, sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and constituting the eastern two-thirds of the land. The landscape is forested and mountainous, with valleys, plains and plateaux. The soil is fertile ith excellent beaches in the north, southeast and east coasts, rising up to the mountains.

Map of Dominican Republic