Canada Travel Information

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Area : 9,093,507 SQ KM

Population : 33,212,670

Capital city : Ottawa

Time : GMT - 3

Currency : Dollars

Electricity : 110V


It's really quite amazing that this beautiful and rich area of Atlantic Canada has remained so untainted by tourism. Bordering Nova Scotia to the east and Maine in the United States to the south-west, New Brunswick is a haven of peace with a rich natural environment. Grand Manan Island, still part of the province, lies in the world-famous Bay of Fundy – renowned for having the highest tides in the world: up to 50 feet at one point!

The tides in the Bay of Fundy are the reason that the waters are so nutritionally rich and therefore attract a wealth of marine life. It is in these nutrient-rich waters that the rare and endangered North Atlantic Right Whales come to indulge in their wonderful courtship rituals. Humpbacks, Finback and Minke Whales are among the other species to be found, along with dolphins and, of course, a myriad of seabirds.

On land, the state is renowned for its birding. There's a narrow band which extends across eastern North America where there are more breeding warblers than anywhere else on the continent and this band extends through New Brunswick. Combine this with an area which is situated perfectly to catch southward migrants and you have one of the top birding spots on the North American continent.

It doesn't stop there: Rock cliffs reveal evidence of life from Precambrian times to the last ice age with fossils constantly being exposed by the relentless tides. Combine this with a rich human history dating back to 1603, unspoilt picturesque landscapes and warm hospitality and you have an outstanding background for your holiday.

Go whalewatching in the Bay of Fundt. Enjoy everything that the area has to offer from its abundant birds, flowers and marine life to its fossils and modern history. Stay in traditional country inns where the hospitality is genuinely warm and the food excellent, giving you the opportunity for contact with local people in this deliciously unspoilt neck of the woods.