Around the Alster, Germany

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As fitting a seaside and sailors city, water plays an important role all over Hamburg. Most of the time, one thinks of the harbour in this context. Nonetheless, there is a water in the city`s heart, whose value concerning leisure and recreation is by far greater.

The Alster, a dammed-up side-river of the Elbe. Where else can you cruise on a steamship or go on a canoe-tour, or sail right in the city centre. Furthermore, we invite you, apart from the aquatic sports, to get to know cultural life around the Alster. Thus we visit the Literaturcaf on the Alsterufer, where you are presented a diversified reading-programme by international authors. Works of international class are exposed in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. In particular, the Galerie der Gegenwart (presenting contemporary art) has developed into a veritable public magnet. And beside regarding modern arts, there should also be a look from the window...onto the Alster, Hamburg`s blue oasis.