Australia Travel Information

Australia is a beautiful and diverse country, a land of contrasts and extremes. It has many natural wonders and some of the world's loveliest cities. From East to West, Australia is like no other place on Earth. Australian is reknowned as a outdoor adverturers paradise, with so many diverse things to do from surfing, skiing and whale watching to helicopter rides and deep sea fishing, you will always find something to do! Accommodation can be easily fixed for you, why not stay in hervey bay which gives you a wide variety of house warming hospitality and service.

Today there are more than 18 million Australians. More than 20% of Australians were borm overseas, more than 75% are of European origins, and there are a significant number of people of Asian-Pacific backgrounds.

There have been Aboriginal, or indigenous, Australians on the continent for at least 75,000 years. Although today indigenous people(Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders) are relatively few in numbers, they are active members of the society and influential in Australia.

Well over half of Australians live within one hour's drive of the eastern seaboard of the continent, from Queensland to South Australia. There is another, smaller concentration of population in the south-west corner of Western Australia.

English is the language most often spoken in Australia, but the multicultural nature of society, especially in cities and larger towns, means that interpreters for overseas visitors with little or no English are not difficult to find. Many indigenous Australians speak one or more dialects of various Aboriginal languages as well as English.

Fast Facts
Capital Canberra
Surface area 7.74 million square kilometres
Population 21 3740 (2008
Language English
Currency Australian dollars (A$)
Gross Domestic Product $835 billion (US$603 billion)
Workforce 10.5 million
Inflation rate 3 per cent
Exports A$176.7 billion (2005)
Australia\'s main export destinations Japan, People\'s Republic of China, Republic of Korea, United States, New Zealand
Australia\'s main import sources United States, Japan, People\'s Republic of China, Germany, United Kingdom
National colours Green and gold
National Day Australia Day - 26 January
Time Australia has three time zones:
East: GMT + 10
Central: GMT + 9.5
West: GMT + 8
Flight time Sydney-Perth
(East to West)
5 hours
Flight time Adelaide-Darwin
(north to south)
3 hours 40 minutes
Households with internet access 56 per cent
Registered motor vehicles 13.5 million
People with mobile phones 12.7 million
Overseas visitors
(12 months to August 2004)
5.2 million
Highest point 2228 metres above sea level
(Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales)
Lowest point 15 metres below sea level
(dry bed of Lake Eyre, South Australia)

Escaping to the Great Barrier Reef

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