Bulgaria Travel Information

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Area : 110,550 SQ KM

Population : 7,262,680

Capital city : Sofia

Time : GMT+ 2

Currency : Lev

Electricity : 220 - 240V

Open any field guide to the birds of Britain and Europe and you'll discover wonderful species which we would never see here. Visist Bulgaria and you'll fill in lots of gaps – Imperial Eagle, Blue Rock Thrush, Wallcreeper, Long-legged Buzzard, Eagle Owl and many, many more. Not only that, but there are wolves and Golden Jackal as well as a kaleidoscope of wild flowers.

Relatively unknown as a birding destination until recently, Bulgaria boasts a wealth of habitats from steppe to coastal lakes, from riverine and oak forests to high mountains with their alpine and conifer forest zones. Take a trip to the Black Sea coast based near Cape Kaliakra, a marvellous spot for migrant birds. Here the southernmost remnant of the Great Steppe is renowned for its display of wild flowers and in a nearby valley we'll be looking for breeding Eagle Owls and Wallcreeper. Dune systems and lakes are a paradise for herons of every description, Marsh Harriers, waders, water birds and many species of warblers.

Visit the RAMSAR site at the Bourgas wetlands and the Eastern Rhodope Mountains near the Turkish border. Here you have the opportunity to visit volcanic cliffs, oak forests and river edges as well as a vulture feeding site where we would expect to see Griffon, Egyptian and Cinerous Vultures.

Don't forget to venture out to Vitosha mountain where you can explore the alpine and conifer forest zone of the mountain looking for species such as Tengmalm's Owl, Nutcracker and Firecrest.