Washington State

Discovering Washington State

Washington State is a great place to discover the energy of sophisticated cities, and all the culinary, cultural and urban arts experiences for which Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane are famous.  But then what?

We recommend you gear up and get out!  Immerse yourself into the rural communities which serve as the backbone of Washington's great outdoors!  Get off the beaten path and experience the wilderness that still exemplifies the "wild west".  Chat with our interesting assortment of entrepreneurs, artists and characters throughout the state.  You'll find that Washington is a destination that defies definition, and spurns stereo-types. 

Whether you prefer leisurely soft adventures or more high stakes thrills, Washington's variety gives you many options: the high desert, the rain forest, alpine wilderness, the inland waters of Puget Sound, pristine islands, famous mountains, rivers large or intimate and much more.

Golf courses abound in Washington State and in many areas, relatively mild weather allows courses to stay open year-round. Washington State is an exotic, premier golf destination, with a reputation and line-up of top courses that grows every year.

As winter approaches, falling snow lays a white feathery beard on the peaks and valleys of Washington. That’s when alpine and Nordic enthusiasts are treated with some of the finest skiing in the country. Most years the Cascade ski areas see a base of more than 500 inches, or more than 40 feet! Ski areas along this mountain range (12 in all) offer heli-skiing, spectacular vertical drops, mountain lodging and the generous snowfall that allows superb alpine excitement well into April. East of the Cascades, from the Bluewood Hills to the Okanogan, skiers carve through the fluffier powder of the drier eastern region. For an intimate voyage through Washington’s winter wilderness, clicking on a pair of Nordic skis is the ultimate vehicle for exhilarating, all-natural fun. From Washington’s major cities, you can be swooshing above groomed trails in an hour or less. Or try Nordic “hut-to-hut” skiing in the Methow Valley, Rendezvous foothills or in the shadow of Mount Rainier, where all-day cross-country trekking ends inside a comfortable stove-heated cabin.

The Washington coastline is a haven for marine mammals and countless other species of rarely-seen sea creatures. In spring, gray whales can be seen just off the coast during their annual migration to northern feeding grounds. Orca whales feed in the waters around the San Juan Islands, where it’s even possible to see whole pods from land. As you head out on a whale watching excursion, several species of dolphin and porpoise may ride the wake of your boat, while you spy harbor seals basking in their nesting grounds. Go on a guided tour, rent your own boat, or paddle a kayak from the shore. Explore their world.

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