Alaska Travel Information

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Area: 663 5670

Population: 683,478 (2008)

Capital: Juneau

Language: English, Inupik, Yupik, Spanish, Tagalog

Time Zone: GMT -9H during standard time, GMT - 8h in daylight savings

Passport: Valid passports are required by all, except USA

Currency: US Dollar

Health: No special precautions.

Climate: Varies depending on region. Extremely freezing North, oceanic climate on south, etc.

International Dialing Code: 0011 1 907


Geography: It is one of only two states in America that is not bordered by another state. It is bordered by British Columbia , Canada and Yukon Territory to the east, on the south lies the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Alaska. To the west are the Bering Sea, Chuckchi Sea and Bering Strait . On the north lies the Arctic Ocean and Beaufort Sea . It is also one of the most interesting states in the US , with Alaska having more coastline that all the other states combined. As it is non-contiguous US state on continental North America, it is an exclave of the US.

Take a tour through Alaska and the Yukon . Alaska 's beauty, vastness and variety are overwhelming. You can visit small, "one horse" towns like Skagway or Dawson City , or more cosmopolitan cities like Anchorage . You can also choose almost any mode of transportation: an elegant cruise, a small sightseeing day boat, prop planes, helicopters or a variety of rail tours.

To truly capture the excitement and diversity of Alaska , visit the following sites and activities:

* View the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau by a small boat, helicopter or prop plane.

* Experience the historic White Pass and Yukon Route railroad trip as it parallels the gold rush 'Trail of '98."

* Relax on board luxury rail cars as you view the magnificent scenery between Anchorage and Denali National Park.

* Enjoy natural history and sightseeing tours into Denali National Park.

* Ride horses or raft-world-class white water.