Outside the Gates of Hamburg, Germany

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The name of Hamburg is known throughout the world, and ships from all over the world make the port of Hamburg one of the most important trade and transhipment centres in Europe. But it isn't only the inner city that makes the town on the Elbe river so appealing. Its suburbs too offer many attractions. The so-called Black Hills (Schwarze Berge), for example, just outside the gates of Hamburg, are a popular recreational area for the townspeople.

Not only nature-lovers will come into their own here in the game park animal-lovers can watch a pack of wolves and see Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs at close quarters. Further to the east lies Friedrichsruh, where the famous Prince Otto von Bismarck was laid to rest. The great statesman spent the last years of his life here, in the Saxon Forest, and was laid to rest in the Bismarck Mausoleum: a museum has also been set up in the old country house of Friedrichsruh to commemorate the great statesman. The Butterfly Garden, carefully attended to by Bismarck's great-grandson, is very much alive on the other hand. Over a hundred different species can be seen here in their natural habitat.

General Information:

Tourist-Information Hamburg
Am Hafen
St. Pauli Landungsbrocken
D-20015 Hamburg
Tel.: +49(0)40- 30051110
Fax: +49(0)40-30051333

Additional sources of information:

Wildpark Schwarze Berge
Am Wildpark 1
D-21224 Rosengarten - Vahrendorf
Tel: +49(0)40-7964233
Fax: +49(0)40-79688267

Bismarck-Museum Friedrichsruh
Am Museum 2
D-21521 Friedrichsruh
Tel: +49(0)4104-2419
Fax: +49(0)4104-960327

Garten der Schmetterlinge
Am Schlossteich 8
D-21521 Friedrichsruh
Tel: +49(0)4104-6037
Fax: +49(0)4104-1574