Zimbabwe Travel Information

Area : 390,580 sq. km

Population : 12,891,000

Capital city : Harare (1.6 million)

Time : GMT/UTC + two hours

Currency : Zimbabwe Dollar (Z$)

Electricity : 220V

Major industries : Mining, agriculture, clothing, tourism

Major trading partners : South Africa , UK , Argentina , US, Japan

Safety - Zimbabwe welcomes tourists, it is a primary industry and the safety of all visitors is very important to our hosts.  Travel in the area is easy and the people are very friendly. A standard degree of caution is recommended in the towns and cities and care should be taken in the presence of wild animals. Expert guides and escorts are a trademark of Zimbabwe , so you will be in good hands.  And they are keeping a close eye on the political situation in the region in case of any trouble.  So far all is back to normal meaning, you can expect a wonderful experience!

A landlocked country, stunningly beautiful, with wonderful, kind and polite people. The main industry is agriculture, (tobacco being the main crop), mining, and tourism that provide the only foreign exchange for the country. 

The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare which is a very modern city with a beautiful airport.  The primary tourist destination is Victoria Falls near the borders of Zambia and Botswana .

Zimbabwe has several primary regions.  The north west consists mostly of plateau with bush lands dotted with small rocky outcrops and bald domes of rock mixed across the landscape.  To the south is a hot, dry lowland savanna.  To the east are the high lands which are mostly mountainous.  The central area around Harare is great for agriculture.  In the west most of the landscape is national forest or communal grounds meaning that it is unsettled wilderness and quite beautiful.  Between Bulawayo and Beitbridge lie the Matapos Hills and then a rocky savannah that gently drops in elevation as you go east and south.

Near Masvingo is the Great Zimbabwe, the archeological wonder from which the country takes its name.  The Great Zimbabwe was built over 500 years ago and and is considered the largest ancient structure in sub Saharan Africa.  This massive set of structures attests to the dynamic and rich history of the land.  The largest structure is an elliptical shape called the Great Enclosure and is about 100m across with stone walls up to 11m high and 5m thick.

In the Matopos Hills are many cave paintings and further evidence of a great set of kingdoms that ruled in the area.  The area surrounding the hills are rich in minerals and natural resources from the ground.  This area, now a national park, is considered to house special powers by the local people.

The people of Zimbabwe are very friendly and enjoy entertaining visitors from around the world.  Most, especially those involved in the tourist industry, speak English as well as one or more native languages such as Ndebele or Shona (there are several others).

Map of Zimbabwe

Places to Stay

The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is a modern hotel with the trappings of a lodge.  Situated about four kilometers to the west of the Victoria Falls , the lodge features a full service restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and a magnificent view. The lodge is located on a hill side so that each room enjoys a scenic view of a large water hole that animals visit on a regular basis.  From your balcony you will see elephant, impala, birds of all descriptions, and much more.

Things to do

The Boma : (Place to Eat) Restaurant with African Dancing and Singing. A wonderful experience and an opportunity to try some exotic food from the region. Warthog, crocodile, and much more are cooked over open flame with local seasoning to provide a mouth watering African festival.

Walking Safaris : see the wildlife like you've never seen it before. Opportunity to study botany, tracks, droppings, insects, birds, and a lot more in the nearby Zambezi National Park  This tour is all day and may be offered as an option.

Chobe National Park : Botswana . An early departure and we are on our way to a natural garden full of exotic animals and plants.  This tour is all day in the national park returning by dinner time to the lodge and may be offered as an option.  One of the largest elephant populations  in the world lives in the national park.

Elephant Safari ride : a walk through the woods with one of the most majestic beasts of Zimbabwe. There are shorter and longer options available. This may be offered as an option during our stay in Victoria Falls .

Canoe Safari - drift by the wildlife along the quick moving Zambezi river. No experience is required, moderate work involved. This is an all day activity and may be offered as an option.

Sunset Cruise - in the upper Zambezi .  Group cocktail party on a flat boat to watch the magnificent African sunset.

Visit Victoria Falls - at least twice !  The first time you should simply enjoy the view and the second time plan to bring a camera. You will get wet viewing the falls from many of the vantage points.

White Water Rafting - for the adventurer!  The river canyons below the falls contain some of the wildest white water on the planet.  If you want torun the best ride full of excitement, you need to raft the Zambezi .

Bungee Jumping - into the gorge 100 meters below with the highest commercial bungee jump in the world.  On the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia , overlooking a 100 meter or more drop, there is a bungee jump for those seeking something really unusual.

Shopping - something a bit more peaceful, but not that much more peaceful.  Bargain hunters will love shopping in Victoria Falls for crafts and goods of Africa .  Handmade wooden and soft stone carvings are popular souvenirs and gifts from this exotic land.  If you came to buy, they came to sell.  You will enjoy meeting the people of Zimbabwe as you shop the street stalls.

Helicopter ride over the falls - you need to go to Zambia , which requires a trip over the bridge but once there the helipad is not too much further upriver along good roads.  The helicopter rides provides breath taking views of the falls for the air.  Several passes are made over the falls so that you can get all the pictures you want!

Boating and Jet Ski rentals - you can rent a boat or Jet Ski and enjoy the Zambezi in your own personal way.

Ultra light ride over the falls - like the helicopter, but in an ultra light aircraft.

Balloon over the falls - a tethered balloon rises high above the falls to provide a majestic view of the complete geography.

Enjoy a quiet day at the lodge : The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge has a small swimming pool and lounge area overlooking the watering hole.

Golfing at the nearby Elephant Hills resort : You can golf in the heart of Africa .

Camera Safari on foot - Go with an experienced guide on foot out to the watering hole and the surrounding woods.  Walk where the animals walk.