Finland Travel Information

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Area: 338,000 (130,500 sq miles)

Population: 5,244,749 (2008)

Capital: Helsinki

Language: Finnish (93%) Swedish (6%) Lappish (1700 people) English is widely spoken.

Religion: Lutheran (86%) Orthodox (1%), Unaffiliated (12.3%)

Time Zone: GMT +4

Electricity: 220 volts AC 50Hz

Passport: Valid passports are required

Currency: Markka (FIM) = .25 Cad

Health: No special precautions.

Climate: Warm, dry, sunny summers with midnight sun; snowy dark winters.

International Dialing Code: 011-358+

Geography of Finland:

Finland has land boundaries with Sweden (586 km) on the west; Norway (727 km) on the north; Russia (1269km) on the east. There is 4600 km of coastline. Of the total land area, 10% is water; 69% is forest; 8% is cultivated land; 13% is other, ie. rock, bog, etc. There are many lakes, 187,888, most containing islands, and 5100 rapids. Europe’s largest archipelago lies off Finland’s southwest coast.

Map of Finland