Arctic Norway Travel Information

The spectacular mountains of the Norwegian fjords provide the perfect backdrop for this fascinating whale watching experience. As far as is known, the oldest evidence of human awareness of Orca (Killer Whale) comes from Tysfjord where a 4,000 year old rock carving depicts a naturally-sized killer whale. Nowadays, Tysfjord is the base camp for the majority of whale watching trips, nature documentary films and research expeditions that focus on Killer Whales in Europe and it is here that we base our short winter break.

The reason that Tysfjord is so special is that huge shoals of spawning herring arrive every October, thus drawing the whales into the fjord. Here they use their unique feeding pattern of rounding up the shoals of herring into tight balls and then stunning them with their powerful tails. Meanwhile White-tailed.

Eagles join in the feast – and this is where you will find the greatest concentration of these birds in the whole of Europe. Meanwhile, on shore, the area is known for its wildlife with the mighty Elk being a resident of the forests. We’ll visit the rock-carving field of Dyreberget (Rock of the Animals) where the oldest carvings are some 9,000 years old and the idyllic fishing village of Korsnes. During the long polar evenings, enjoy a slide lecture about the whales and – if the skies are clear – experience the spectacle of Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights).