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Going on a holiday? Get ready for a perfect take-off! Clever planning and clever packing ensure that hassle-free packing a suitcase. Talk about picking the best cruise line, find out how to pick the perfect cruise.

The secret to hassle free travel is to get organized and to firstly plan your travel on paper. Find out about the climate of your destination. Write down the number of days you will be away. Break these into activities, such as: sporting activities, city shopping, evening entertainment (dinners, parties around the pool, barbeques, etc.).Scrutinize and compare your options for travel insurance. Also, ensure your trip goes smoothly with flight insurance for any unexpected situations.Then search online for discount packages and compare.Read up on current travel blogs and up to date travel guides and find the latest hot spots and travel specials.

Also be sure to read our page about booking online.

With the uncertainity of todays political climate in many countries, with the increasing occurrence of natural disasters all over the world, (remember the Iceland Volcano?), with the viability of some tour agents and even the airlines coming into question and with the extreme cost of medical bills in a foreign country we cannot sress enough the necessity to have quality travel insurance.Which is why we mention it 4 times on this page alone.Please do yourself a favour and get quality travel insurance. See our complete must know travel tips here.

Examine your wardrobe and work out what you will wear for each occasion. See which of these outfits can be worn for more than one event. Try on the clothes you plan to take. Even if your clothes are cleaned or laundered regularly, it's a good idea to check each item. Sometimes a button is missing, a hem is loose, or the outfit is inappropriate. This step will enable you to co-ordinate individual items, eliminate unnecessary weight and make packing easier. After you've checked your holiday clothes, hang them separately.

Never take more than you can carry yourself. Since porters are a disappearing breed and luggage carts are often unavailable, plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than standing with three suitcases at an airport, not knowing how to get to the taxi stand or bus stop. Try to keep your luggage down to what you can carry without too much effort - one large suitcase, one smaller one, and a shoulder bag. You may not be very comfortable, but at least you wont feel helpless or immobilized.

Before traveling make sure you purchase travel insurance, it's a great way to protect yourself from unforseen disasters. Medical care bills in foreign country can ruin your trip in no time, as can any unexpected accidents. Be sure to check out the best travel insurance that best suit you, for a minimal fee you can be sure you are protected from any unforseen emergencies.

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!Find a rental home in exotic places!

Want to swap homes for a week or a month.Want to rent a luxury house in a exotic location?Renting someone elses house is becoming popular with both owners and holiday seekers.Find affordable cabin rentals you and your party can enjoy.

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