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Area: 1,919,440 SQ KM

Population: 237,512,352

Capital: Jakarta

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Religion: Muslim, Hindu

Time Zone: UTC + 7

Electricity: 220 Volts

Passport: Valid passport required by all

Currency: Rupiah

Health: Medical advice to be taken three week prior for necessary injections. Risks include dengue fever, malaria, bird flu, etc

Climate: Tropical climate varying from area to area

International Dialling Code: +62

Bali is one amongst thousand islands on Indonesia archipelago lies 8 degree south of Equator line. With more than 2.5 million people mostly Hindus, the small island look to be very colorful with temple ceremonies and festivals. In fact for Hindus people in Bali, there is no day left without ceremony. This is why in every corner of building, street, cars, offices you will find offering from the simple one consisted of few rice's and vegetables till the most complicated one.

Bali island - offers unique cultures and wonderful nature. You can find everything in this tiny island.

Lombok - experience the most scenic Mount Trekking program in Indonesia offers you wonderful natures Lake, Mountain, Sunrise, and wildlife. Lombok holiday here Places to stay in Lombok

Yogya - famous royal palace, this "special status" province is the second favorite tourist destination in Indonesia. Friendly people, unique culture and tradition and center of fine craft of Indonesia. Places to stay in Yogyakarta

Toraja - the unique tradition of local tribal with magnificent landscape natural. Rice terraces, rural village with their traditional houses are interesting points to visit.

Borneo - the second largest island in the world with dense forest, wildlife, natural resource. Visit to see the giant primates, is one of favorite eco tourism destination in Indonesia.

Flores Island - separated 2 islands (Lombok and Sumbawa) from Bali is still consider to have a genuine traditional culture and beautiful of nature. Flores is also a gateway to enter the famous komodo dragon island.

Ijen and Bromo - the beautiful caldera on still active volcano located in the east of Bali. Soft trekking offered to enter the most beautiful sunset.