Tunisia Travel Information

Area: 164,150 sq. km

Population: 10,383,577

Capital: Tunis

Language: Arabic (spoken by almost everybody, and French (by most educated people). Italian, English and German also spoken.

Religion: About 90% of the population are Muslims, with tiny minorities of Jews and Christians.

Time Zone: GMT +1

Electricity: 220 volts AC 50Hz

Passport: Valid passport is required.

Currency: Dinar (DT) is divided into 1000 millimes

Health: No special inoculations are necessary.

Climate: Tunisia follows usual Mediterranean patterns of climate. The average temperature is 16C (60F) in winter, 24C (75F) in Spring, 30C (86F) in summer and 25C (77F) in autumn.

International Dialing Code: 011-216

Geography of Tunisia:

Tunisia shares borders to the west with Algeria and to the south with Lybya while the Mediterranean Sea lies to the north and east.

Map of Tunisia

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