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Theme parks in Spain A wide range of leisure activities for the whole family has been consolidated

The Terra Mítica theme park, located in Benidorm (Alicante), on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most famous leisure centres in Spain. It offers visitors the possibility of taking a tour through History by means of its different attractions and shows, visiting civilisations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Iberian. This new season the park opens with a new show, Imagine, which allows visitors to relive events from the past such as the Big Band, and to travel through remote galaxies or to plunge into the fascinating World of Imagination. In the several attractions the theme park offers, visitors can, for example, discharge adrenaline by taking in just 35 seconds of the 665 meters of the dizzy Tizona train, as well as feeling all of the incredible lgreatness of the Nile waterfall or enjoying the Flight of the Phoenix attraction. For children there are lots of stands and attractions specially designed for them. The North American Paramount Company runs Terra Mitica, and last year sold over 22,000 passes.

The Warner Bros. Park, located in San Martin de la Vega (Madrid), this year celebrates its third season with sensational attractions and new interactive shows. Through the five zones that make up the Leisure Park, visitors will relive a shooting with spectacular explosions and visual effects or will watch the Crazy Police Academy show or the Lethal Weapon show. Moreover, visitors can get lost in the Little Horror Shop or take a walk through the old streets of the Hollywood dream factory, where Californian restaurants and specialised shops intermingle with marvellous cars of the fifties and the movies of the legendary Chinese Theatre. In another area of the resort, Warner has reconstructed Batman City, where fans can emulate this legendary icon in order to feel all its magic. The Steel Attraction, an enormous roller coaster, is dedicated to Superman, another world famous hero of the big screen. Warner Bros. has also recreated the delight, majesty and dangers of the far west in the Old West Territory, where, in the midst of caustic valleys and sharp canyons the Wild West roller coaster descends close to the Wild Waterfalls where the river Bravo lies. At Cartoon Village, Warner celebrates -Piolin, Lucas, Wild Cat or Bugs Bunny- this will be the delight of children. The people in charge of the park say that its pass sales have increased by 40% this season.

Isla Mágica is another of Spain’s big theme parks. It has the special feature of being located in the heart of a big city: Seville (on the Isle of the Cartuja), a very important cultural enclave. The firm that manages the park has spent about 1.5 million Euro in order to promote the resource. On Isla Magica visitors can relive the atmosphere, culture and life style of the 16th century, an era of important discoveries for human progress. In Crashendo, ferocious corsairs fight savagely while a crazy pianist casts visitors down through the steep streets of San Francisco, all just by taking part in a virtual time warp. Parades go through the city with picturesque, funny and amazing inhabitants. The main novelty for this new season is an astonishing show, The Maiden and The Rider, which recreates Hispanic America with thoroughbred horse processions, ritual dances and all the magnificence of the era.

Port Aventura, one of the biggest theme parks in Spain, is located in Salou (Tarragona), a small city in the hearth of the Costa Dorada. The park offers spectacular attractions distributed in five areas: Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and the Far West. Furthermore, Port Aventura has an aquatic park called Caribbean Coast and a hotel complex with full facilities. The tour through the park might start at the North Station or at the Drassana port, going through the settings by train or by ship in order to enjoy a close-up view of its marvellous installations. In Polynesia children can enjoy a descent in canoe and take a ship with pirates in the Kon-Tiki Wave. The Tutuki Splash is a tremendously exciting descent by ship. The Dragon Khan, the main attraction of the park located in the area dedicated to China, is the only roller coaster in the world with eight loops. The Temple of Fire is a cave where a show of fire reminds us of the adventures of the intrepid Indiana Jones. The Far West offers, among other attractions, the rapids of the Grand Canyon, the flying object of Volpaitue, Wild Buffaloes, bumper cars or the Stampede roller coaster. The park reinforces its leisure offer with a variety of street shows, shops and all kinds of restaurants.

Owing to an agreement reached between Port Aventura, Isla Magica, Terra Mitica and the Leisure Park of Madrid, users of Port Aventura will be able to have unlimited access to the three other theme parks. By the way, the visitors of the Warner Bros. Park will have free access to all other parks the Six Flags company manage in Europe.