Ski Adventures - Snow and adrenaline, only for adventurers

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Ski Resorts
Ski Adventure

Ski Adventures

Snow and adrenaline, only for adventurers.

Go up in a helicopter, search for a hill to land on and descend down the virgin slopes. That is what heliski consists of. The new resort in Andorrra, Vallnord, combines ski sessions with helicopter flights. From Pal-Arinsal you can discover the grandeur of the Pyrenees while contemplating the spectacular alpine landscape and the historical heritage of the most beautiful town in the area. Hovering over the Coma Pedrosa valley, which is the highest mountain top of Andorra, gives you the chance to see spectacular views. This activity costs 50 Euro per person.

The Baqueira-Beret ski station is in the Pyrenees, deep in the Val d’Aran in the northernmost corner of the province of Catalonia. First, the helicopter ride takes you to the north face of Dossau. From here you can ski or snowboard down to Mongarri village. Then you will be picked up again, and flown off to another nearby mountain to make your second descent. There are orginised heliskiing trips to the Val d'Aran, Sierra Nevada and in Andalousia. the cost is 70 Euro per person.

Dog Sleighing and Pony-trekking

Dog sleighing is a total experience of speed and grandiose scenery. The musher or sleigh guide, governs a group of Nordic dogs. In the Baqueira-Beret ski resort there is dog sledding, skating, and a small cross-country skiing loop.

Sierra Nevada's ski resort offers dog sleighing suitable for all ages. It is also possible to practice night-time snowbaording at the weekends. There are activity areas where non-skiers can have fun on inflatable toboggans, snowmobile excursions to discover unforgettable views. There are horse-drawn sleighs through panoramic routes and pony-trekking in the snow with the possibility of having a coffee and brandy at Laplander outlets, or pneumatic tyers for snow slides. Great fun for adults and children.

Nocturnal skiing

The Aramón Formigal resort (Huesca) is in the village of Panticosa, located at 1,184 metres, in the central part of the Aragonese Pyrenees. night skiing practices are held on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6pm to 9pm (with the day pass) It is also possible to carry out helicopter flights and cross country routes in dog sleighs and snowmobiles.

Boí Taüll Resort,, is set in the heart of Boí Valley, in the central Pyrenees of the province of Lérida. There are day and night excursions on snowmobiles, afterwards a mulled wine reception to warm you up. There are snowshoe excursions through the National Park of Aigüestortes and weekend excursions.


Pal Arinsal offers skibiking, an Austrian invention that combines skies and a bicycle. The traditional pedals have been replaced by the resort’s lifts and the wheels by skis. They are surprisingly easy to use and require a minimum amount of training. There is also an Introductory course to mushing and you can enjoy skating along the snow through the breathtaking scenery of Setúria.

Night-time excursions on snowmobiles, and snow shoes, with a very special end to the journey: a moonlight dinner under the stars in a untouched spot by the log cabins of Setúria, or in the Coll de Botella restaurant. There is a children’s snowmobile circuit, which is extremely safe.

Snowshoes and snowmobiles

Port-Ainé offers skibike, dog sledding and sensational snowshoe excursions, by day and night, in the middle of its marvellous pine forests. Parks are available for quads and snowmobiles: such as closed circuits and open areas for excursions that go to Pic de l’Orri (at an altidude of 2,440 metres). There are combined excursions on offer with training on the basic orientation techniques needed in the mountains and how to drive the ARVA, the avalanche victim rescue apparatus.