Adventure in the Gallego

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Adventure in the Gallego

For lovers of controlled risk

The river Gallego opens at the foothills of the Mallos of Riglós. Through its twisted and intricate flow the river speaks to us, because the Gállego speaks, sometimes in whispers and other times with the force of water that crashes, rises to fall again and splash.

Murillo de Gállego is a town with just 135 inhabitants. Every year five companies attract 50,000 people, luring them with the roughness of the Gállego, and, of course, with the force of the Mallos. Caroc, Evasion Rafting, Natura, UR and Vericalia offer sailing activities. The latter also offers "arborismo"- which consists of flying over the tops of trees in a plane-. However, rafting is the favourite sport.

Rafting is a sport which basically consists of descending the course of a river with rough waves on a pneumatic vessel. These boats, measuring four metres in width, are streered by a group of people who must guide and control their route with canoe oars. On occasions they may also use a pair of large oars for more support. 6-8 people can fit onto these rafts, everyone equipped with a helmet, life jacket, a wet suit and the indespensible canoe oar. This material, which is usually included in the cost of this activity, is provided by the adventure company, along with insurance.

The company, which provides professional guides, guarantees that rafting will be thrilling, fun and safe. They say that all your fears disappear when you get your first drenching, as the river is unfamiliar... and rapid. You have to row faster than the flow of the river itself, if not, the raft will be swept by the force of the water. And you must row down the river by working in a team, this is very important for the practice of this sport. Each crew member is a key element and everyone must work together so that the experience will be a success, and not only a sports adventure.

With rafting, you have a sport which combines personal challenge and enjoyment of the surroundings. The guides will also draw your attention to the marvellous scenery on your descent through the river. On your raft you can access places, which otherwise, you would never know, secrets the river banks hide and are only open to adventurers.

Every year more and more people, children, young people or adults enjoy rafting. In Murillo de Gállego , this sport has become the motivator of tourism and sweeps, with the force of the river, the commercial and property sectors.