Leisure parks in Spain

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A different vacation style, not only for kids

Theme parks are of the latest kind in Spain. Four have been opened since Disney finally settled in Paris (before the Company thought that the ideal location was on the Spanish Costa Dorada). The attractions of these parks have been developed around different themes such as cultural-ethnic issues or cinema. They have been designed to provide fun in a special environment that will create the adequate atmosphere for all members of the family. In spite of being more limited, Zoological parks and Aquariums, which have been developed and updated recently, offer visitors the chance of watching animals in their own habitats or feeling the amazing sensation of having a big shark swimming close to you, behind a glass. Therefore, visitors can find more than 60 parks of this type in Spain, most of them closer to natural or environmental parks than to traditional zoos.

Water parks are the definitive stars of the Spanish holiday offer as most of them are near beach resorts and plenty of sun and exciting attractions. Water is the main theme here and you can enjoy it with water slides, huge wave pools, speed slides and many waterplay structures. 44 parks await families and teenagers on many coastal areas and in cities.

The classical amusement parks, whose target is urban visitors and residents stand at just 4 now ( medium and large sized). They are very well designed and normally represent a good option to spend one’s spare time on long visits to cities and a good way of letting children have fun on their own after a cultural tour. We can find outstanding parks in all of the types described. Big aquariums can be found in San Sebastián-Donostia and Santander. Larger ones are in Barcelona and L’Oceanografic of Valencia (probably the best). An environmental perspective will be found in all of them. Likewise, zoos have been converted into natural parks. One of the best examples is the amazing park of Cabarceno near Santander. It has a splendid collection of species, living in a special regime of ‘semi- freedom’. The park has been built in an old open-air mine.

A combination of water and a natural park is the Safari-Aqualeón park in Tarragona (near the beach). There you will find a big water park close to a safari park in which you can drive near elephants or watch lions and tigers roam free.

The development of the leisure parks sector in Spain represents a continuous search for quality and professionalism. These objectives are changing the way families spend their holiday by making them more convenient and affordable. In this way, visitors will enjoy excellent hotels at good prices close to theme parks or cheap 5/7 day offers.

In conclusion, we can say that visiting one of those parks is a good idea for your next trip to Spain, your family will really enjoy the day and you...too.