Ibiza, The White Island

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Ibiza, The White Island

The island of Ibiza or Eivissa in Catalan has always had a reputation for being a mystic place. An unavoidable point during the 60s and 70s, and its share of visitors has not decreased as years go by. Fascination for the island reaches such a point that even songs have been dedicated to it, such as the one by Pink Floyd on their disc ‘More’. However, not everything is based on fun, apart from the entertainment element, the ancient history of Ibiza cannot be forgotten, as the island was founded by the Carthaginians in 654 BC and it has been a refuge for several Mediterranean cultures, who all left their remains.

The city of Ibiza resembles a birthplace of white houses clustered together on the side of a mountain. On the summit and overlooking the city you will find an impressive fortress. This city, which is full of history, offers an amazing amount of shops and stalls where all kinds of things are sold and until the early hours of the morning. You can enjoy a most colourful and varied show from its wonderful restaurant terraces and bars. Here you have to take life easy and enjoy it, which at the end of the day is what has made Ibiza famous for decades.

Once you enter its streets, if you are looking for culture, you must not miss the Monographic Museum of Puig del Molins, the best centre dedicated to Punic art in Europe, which has a spectacular necropolis. The ‘Dalt Vila’, located on top of the hill and surrounded by ancient walls, also has interesting and ancient buildings. Without forgetting to mention the Cathedral, whose tower dates from the 10th century and where inside you can see works of art from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. This whole architectural area was declared a World Heritage site in 1999.

If there is a place where there is no need to ask about its nightspots, that place is Ibiza. Just follow the crowds of tourists that fill the streets and you will find yourself being pushed to the trendiest places. An example is Barcelona Street, which has been a meeting point for the last ten years and from where you can have a drink before setting off for over 40 discos that flood the island. Besides, surrounding the port you will find terraces, restaurants and shops that open until the early hours. On this island everyone does what they like. No matter how odd or extravagant you are there will always be someone even more so.

In order to reach Ibiza, there are two ways: by air or by sea. Apart from the routes coming from other points on the planet, there are regular flights from Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Mallorca. Once at the airport, you can hire a car or use public transport to get to any part of the island. If you opt for travelling by sea, there is also a regular line from the cities previously mentioned. It takes rather longer than by plane, but entering the port is a wonderful experience.