Ski Resorts in Spain, Cerler, Formigal, Javalambre, Panticosa and Valdelinares

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Ski Resorts
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Ski Resorts

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The snow season begins in March. The ski resorts of Cerler, Formigal, Javalambre, Panticosa and Valdelinares dominate snow tourism.

One of the main ski resorts is Formigal, which heads the Tena valley, in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenees. The success of this ski resort resulted in the development of services and infrastructures in the entire valley, from the private estate of Formigal to each one of the villages around it.

The ski pistes in Formigal are natural meadows. Their privileged location, a long way from the coast, guarantees top-quality snow. The shape of the three valleys means that you can ski there from the beginning of the season. The facilities including man-made snow are a further advantage to take into account, particularly if the weather isn't favourable.

Formigal has 70 ski slopes, a total of 83 km to slide down the snow in three different levels. In addition, an illuminated piste is used by the company to arrange snow parties, ski exhibitions in different categories and the praised and striking downhill ski with torches. While staying in the valley, tourists can enjoy many different activities such as snowmobile riding or dog-sleigh riding.

Aramón's final goal is to promote a ski resort with complementary businesses including hotels and private estates in the heart of the Aragon Pyrenees, offering the experience of skiing along with additional activities. The credentials from the Institute for Quality in Spanish Tourism (ICTE) represent an extra bonus and recognition for their constant improvement. A paradise to be enjoyed.

From Manzaneda, Alto Campoo, Pajares or San Isidro in the Cantabrian Mountains, going on to the Sierra of Madrid, Navacerrada, Valdesquí, Valcotos or Pinilla, reaching Sierra Nevada, the large number of Spanish ski stations prove how important this sport is throughout the country. In the Catalonian mountain range you can visit Baqueira Beret, the Spanish monarchy's favourite station to ring out the year. You can also visit Boí Taüll, Por Ainé, Superspot, Masella, Vallter 200, Val de Núria, La Molina...

However, if we were to highlight a mountain chain and its stations it would be the Aragonese Pyrennees. Panticosa, Cerler, Formigal, Astún or Candanchú are located in privileged spots and have excellent infrastructures which foster the arrival of both Spanish and foreign skiers.

Astún offers 51 km of ski pistes, and they can be reached by a total of 14 ski lifts. Snow at this ski station has quality and quantity during the season, given its situation and orientation.

Candanchú is the oldest station in the Aragonese Pyrennees. It has 42 km of ski pistes, 16 routes, a ski school and an international circuit. One of the advantages of Candanchú is that its pistes are situated in the same village and therefore, all your necessary apres-ski services are catered for.

Cerler is in the valley of Benasque and is the highest station in the Aragonese Pyrennees, with 1,130 metre slopes. Its 71 kms of ski pistes and 18 ski lifts make it one of the most popular stations.

This year, Formigal and Panticosa are located in the heart of the Tena Valley, it has 140km of pistes and natural surroundings which fascinate all ski lovers. It is no wonder that most people who visit these stations are impressed by the wide range of activities these places offer: You can ride a snowbike, play tennis, practice windsurf in a nearby reservoir, do sailing or canoeing. On occasions you can even see Nordic dog sleigh competitions.

Formigal has 82 ski pistes and 22 ski lifts. Panticosa, a smaller and more familly type station (which is one of its advantages) has 38 pistes and 15 ski lifts.

White Christmas, as the song goes, a treat for ski lovers.Ski Holidays can be arranged and booked for you.


A whole range of possibilities open up to us right in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Located near the border pass of Portalet, the ski station of Formigal (Huesca) stands out for its excellent infrastructure and select ambience suited to all kinds of visitors, as there are pistes of different levels: Cantales, for beginners, Izas and Barrios of average difficulty, and Tres Hombres, for advanced skiers. Moreover, there are speed controlled areas, areas for children and a video-slalom piste. All of this without forgetting the fact that just a few miles away you can find an urbanisation with hotels to suit all pockets, discos and even baby-sitting services so that travelling with the kids involves no hassles.

The novelties for the 2006-2007 season are multiple and varied: new pistes, which mean an extra km of skiing area, totalling 105 km, a free bus service from the urbanisation to the pistes, the completion of the El Portalet car park, with 1,500 parking spaces, a new ticket office point in the area of Anayet and a new hotel belonging to the Sol Meliá chain, among other services. Therefore, with its 82 pistes, which can be accessed by means of 22 ski lifts with room for 34,054 people/hour, Formigal has now become one of the most modern ski stations this winter.

A total of 370 cannons supplying artificial snow on its pistes formed by natural meadows ensures the practice of winter sports right from the start of the season. Likewise, weekly courses of alpine skiing, snowboard, private classes for small groups or weekend courses are available. For more information, call 974 490 000.

Formigal, along with the stations of Cerler, Javalambre, Panticosa y Valdelinares, belong to the Aramón, Mountains of Aragón organisation. Its main objectives are to strengthen the ski sector in Aragón, co-ordinate the management and resources of skiing areas, maximise the quality of service offered by the stations and foster the conservation of the landscape and wildlife, among other things. The network of ski stations in Aragón consists of 224 km, 196 pistes, 72 ski lifts with a transport capacity for 90.325 skiers per hour, 1.021 snow cannons.

The Aramón group also offers passes that combine the possibility of skiing at the different stations belonging to the organisation. In this way, you can freely use the five stations at any time with the ‘Aramón 5 stations’ pass, enjoy the Formigal and Panticosa stations with ‘Tena Valley’ programme or just concentrate on Javalambre and Valdelinares with the ‘Snow of Teruel’ pass.

All the stations belonging to the group have already opened their doors in anticipation of the influx of visitors expected on these dates. Each complex offers important novelties with respect to the previous season, among which we must highlight the opening of the installations of the Hotel Formigal, special offers in Panticosa on account of the day of the skier or the improvements carried out on the pistes of Javalambre and Valdelinares.

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