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In the last century`s twenties, Berlin was the one metropolis of Europe. And Germany`s capital prepares for taking over this role again in the new millenium. Hardly another European city finds itself in a comparable upheaval and movement as Berlin does. The city centre seems to constantly change its face, and the huge number of sights, like Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor, are joined by new ones like Potsdamer Platz. But there is also a lot to discover aside off the famous sights. Cultural and night life next to endless shopping possibilities are attractive, and the quiet, green corners of the metropolis invite to relax. Berlin is simply a city to everyone`s taste.

Infos and Sights

Tropical Holiday in Germany
Winter under the palms and that in the middle of Germany? A winter holiday in this country need not automatically mean hot glohwein, Christmas markets, and snow. When it's cold and wet outside, ...

Berlin in all Wind and Weather
As you'd expect of a major European capital, even when the weather is not particularly wonderful - in so-called 'Schmuddelwetter' - there are many things to do and see in Berlin. Our first stop ...

Berlin`s new Centre
Such a thing certainly seems possible only in Berlin. A gigantic building site as destination of countless tourists. At Potsdamer Platz the capital`s new centre rises from the Berlin ground in record time. Large-scale investment companies ...

Werder an der Havel
The destination that we are about to visit next lies in the surroundings of Berlin. When the inhabitants of the capital are really fed up with the Berliner Luft, whose fantastic effects the old pop song ...

Berlin from the Water
There are many ways to see Germany's capital, but none is more relaxing than to do so by boat. The River Spree and Landwehr Canal lead past many of Berlin's top sightseeing attractions, such as the Janowitz Bridge, Potsdamer Platz, and the "Schwangere Auster".

Young Berlin
Berlin has always been worth a trip. Wherever you go in the city, you will encounter links between its great history and modern-day life.

Berlin by Day and by Night
Berlin is another of those places in Germany where you can have a wonderful time shopping. Shopping is perhaps even more stimulating and fun here, thanks to the many interesting shops in the buzzing streets of Berlin's newly awakened city centre.

The Morkische Schweiz
Idyllic lakes and hills rich with trees, that is what the Maerkische Schweiz is made of. Bertold Brecht came here to spend the summer in the quiet of the nature.

Berlin at Night
Berlin is one of those cities that really seems to come alive after sunset. The possibilities for enjoyment are almost endless.

A Tour of Berlin's Museums
The swift changes taking place throughout Germany's capital have also seized hold of the city's museums. The spectacular re-opening of the Old National Gallery on the Museum Island, which attracted thousands for visitors from far and ...

Stories from the Spree Forest
The Spree Forest's most famous product is a cucumber: pickled and known as the Spreewaldgurke. This nourishing delicacy and a trip in a punt-like Stocherkahn are just two of the many attractions offered by this water-rich stretch of country.

Shopping In Berlin
Ten years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Berlin is well on its way to becoming what it once was, Germany's premier city. As is fitting of a world-class metropolis with an international flair, ...

Sanssouci Park in Potsdam
Right next door to Berlin lies Potsdam, where, among other places, the magnificent Sanssouci Park is a must see. Here in this lavishly designed park are the grandly elegant buildings of generations of
Prussian ...