The Morkische Schweiz, Germany

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The Morkische Schweiz is just 50 kilometres from Berlin's city centre; but the contrast to the pulsating life in the German capital could hardly be greater. When Berlin's inhabitants are exhausted by urban life, they come here to a natural paradise of charming and varied countryside, low mountains, gorges and numerous lakes.

The largest of these is Lake Schermotzel, which lies in the heart of the region together with the village of Buckow. In the past too, many people have come here to find peace and quiet - in which to work and to relax. Bertold Brecht, was one of them. Together with his wife Helene Weigel, he spent the last summers of his life in a country house on the shores of the lake.

Lake Schermotzel and other waters of the region are also home to many species of wildlife threatened by extinction. Exploring the region by boat or on foot, on the many footpaths through woods and meadows, you might with a bit of luck see otters and beavers, sea eagles or - at night - bats. The visitor's centre in Buckow is a good starting point for getting an idea of the many things which the Morkische Schweiz national park has to offer.

General Information:

Tourist Information Buckow
Wriezener Str. 1a
15377 Buckow
Tel: 033433 - 57500
Fax: 033433 - 57500

Additional sources of information:

Schiffstouren auf dem Schermotzelsee/Tours on Lake Schermuetzel c/o SEETOURS Morkische Schweiz
Bertold-Brecht-Str. 11
15377 Buckow

Tel: 033433 - 232

Naturpark - Besucherzentrum/ Nationalpark Visitor Center
Lindenstr. 33
15377 Buckow

Tel: 033433 - 15841
Fax: 033433 - 15856

Bertold-Brecht-Str. 30
15377 Buckow

Tel: 033433 - 467
Fax: 033433 - 56215


Hotel Bellevue
Hauptstr. 16/17
15377 Buckow
Tel: 033433 - 6480
Fax: 033433 - 648 32