Berlin at Night, Germany

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Berlin is one of those cities that really seems to come alive after sunset. The possibilities for enjoyment are almost endless. We begin our evening excursion in the nation's capital with dinner at Margaux, a restaurant that's famous for its cuisine, and is located on one of the city's best known boulevards, Unter den Linden. Next, we take a streetcar to an event that's staged here in Berlin twice a year, called the Long Night of the Museums.

70 of the city's museums are open throughout the evening, offering visitors tours and a lot of extras. One indication of the breadth of Berlin's night life is that there are 120 stage shows in the city. In addition to big revues, such as the one at the Friedrichstadt Palast, there are many small cabarets.

We stop in at a place called the Bar jeder Vernunft, a mirrored beer-tent that offers good food and features up-and-coming live acts. Finally, we finish off the evening on a musical note by visiting one of Berlin's many nightclubs.


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