Werder an der Havel, Germany

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The destination that we are about to visit next lies in the surroundings of Berlin. When the inhabitants of the capital are really fed up with the Berliner Luft, whose fantastic effects the old pop song points out, they look for recreation in the environs of the metropolis. Werder, an old fishermen`s village on a Havel river island belongs to the most frequented resorts with short-term tourists. Still, the natural paradise south of Potsdam comprises attractions for longer holidays.

In springtime, the fruit-blossom strongly allures tourists. Furthermore, the most northern vineyard registered by wine-law is situated here, and the local Moller-Thurgau is widely regarded as a real delight. The same applies for the delicious smoked fish out of the Havel and the nearby lakes. In fact, beside fruit-growing, fishery has always been the backbone of the Werderaner`s earnings. If you like, you may even accompany some fishermen on a fishing-tour along the river.