Stories from the Spree Forest, Germany

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A hundred kilometres south of Berlin lies a historic landscape shaped by human cultivation: the Spree Forest. The Sorbs once settled here, and many towns in the region still provide some insight into this Slav tribe's way of life.

But the Spree Forest is known not so much for its Sorb inhabitants as for its pickled cucumbers, called Spreewaldgurken, a nourishing delicacy that enjoys great popularity abroad too. Visiting one of the traditional old cucumber factories, "Krogermann", gives us an opportunity to see how they are pickled and stored, and many an anecdote revolving around cucumbers can be heard here too.

The skippers of the Stocherkohne also have many a tale to tell to their passengers, as they glide up and down the numerous canals and branches of the Spree in their large punts. A journey through the Spree Forest by Stocherkahn is the classical way of seeing this picturesque landscape, and an absolute must for any visitor's itinerary, also in winter. All you'll need to bring along is some warm clothes - rugs and hot drinks are provided.

General Information:

Fremdenverkehrsamt/tourist office Spreewald
Lindenstr. 1
03226 Raddusch
+49 (0) 35433-72299
+49 (0) 35433-72228

Additional sources of information:

Schloss Lobben/Lobben Castle
Ernst von Houwald Damm 15
15907 Lobben / Spreewald
+49 (0) 3546-182661
+49 (0) 3546-182661

Firma Krogermann
Kampe 5
03222 Lobbenau
+49 (0) 3542-2358
+49 (0) 3452-2355

Bootshaus Conrad
Schwarze Ecke 1
03096 Burg / Spreewald
+49 (0) 35603-341
+49 (0) 35603-61290


Schloss Lobbenau
Schloobezirk 6
03222 Lobbenau
+49 (0) 3542-873-0
+49 (0) 3542-873 666