Berlin from the Water, Germany

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There are many ways to see Germany's capital, but none is more relaxing than to do so by boat. The River Spree and Landwehr Canal lead past many of Berlin's top sightseeing attractions, such as the Janowitz Bridge, Potsdamer Platz, and the Schwangere Auster.

The Spree takes us through the government district past the Chancellory and the famous glass-domed Reichtag, the parliament building. Not far downstream is another of the city's highlights, the Museum Island. The five museums on this island of culture create a huge work of art in their own right. Our tour of Berlin's waterways then leads us to Lake Wannsee, a popular recreational area for more than half a century, and finally to Lake Moggelsee in the eastern part of the city, where the emphasis is on watersports of all kinds.