Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany

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Right next door to Berlin lies Potsdam, where, among other places, the magnificent Sanssouci Park is a must see. Here in this lavishly designed park are the grandly elegant buildings of generations of Prussian monarchs. The best known among them is Castle Sanssouci, which was built by Frederick the Great as his summer residence.

Other impressive buildings at Sanssouci are the Marble Palace, the Orangerie, and the New Palace. Potsdam itself also has a few surprises for visitors. In the middle of town,for example, is the Dutch quarter, whose gabled houses harken back to a Holland of several centuries ago.

We end our visit in Potsdam only a few minutes away from the Dutch quarter by foot, where the architecture suddenly takes on a Russian flavor. Grouped around the beautiful Russian-Orthodox church here are the typical block-houses of the Russian colony, "Alexandrowka".

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