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We are enteringan era in which global competitiveness defines a nation's economic wll-being and the quality of life of its people. In Thailand, exports have long powered the economy. Today,producers and manufacturers are working to international standards and the Kingdom is building a sound reputation for high quality goods.

The question was ,at this critical juncture, how to instantly identify a product as having originated in Thailand, in such a way that the overseas buyer and consumer recongnized it as a guarantee of quality. So a logo was born, in effect,a brand name for Thailand itself.From the first half of 1999, this small oval logo has been appearing on Thai products and services,or affixed to promotional materials concerning the country. In the latter case, the oval contains the words Thailand - - Land of Diversity & Refinement. When affixed to Thai product, the wording is abbreviated to Thailand -- Diversity & Refinement. Bearing the same red and blue colors as the Thai flag -- or occasionally appearing as a single color -- the logo is unmistakeble,and is designed to create a clear perception of Thailand and Thai products overseas.

The Thai brand was initiated by the Department of Export Promotion (DEP) at the Ministry of Commerce, and was devised following an international survey on attitudes and impressions relating to the country and its products. The words "diversity" and "refinement" continually showed up on the survey forms,and hence the slogan almost wrote itself. Launch of the logo took place in Thailand in March 1999, followed by its international debut in Thailand's other main export markets throughtout last year,and as we enter the year 2000, the logo will be appearing globally.

Please do not assume however that any Thai product can use this simply as a label to indicate "Made in Thailand". Any company can affix such as a country-of-origin label to its products,but Land of Diversity & Refinement has to be earned. As a guarantee of quality products and services,the logo is awarded to a supplier only after stringent requirements have been met. Anything less would destroy confidence in the logo,hence the urgent concern to maintain standards.

The concept has been greeted enthusiastically by Thailand's private sector, for Land of Diversity & Refinement is designed to work in conjunction with the many companies who are developing their own indigenous brand names. This is a vitally important part of the globalization process, and is a logical progression of the export success story. Food is one area which amply illustrates this, as agribusiness has developed in tandem with the economy and today Thailand is one of the world's largest food exporters.

Fruits,Vegetables,rice,chicken and seafood in their fresh ,frozen and canned versions are mainstays,and convenience meals and on the packaging of food products of all kinds, you will see increasingly popular Thai brand names plus of course the ever more familiar Land of Diversity & Refinement logo.

An altogether different market, but one of immense importance to Thailand ,is that of fashion products in ready-wear clothing,textiles,footwear and leather goods. Each of these industry sectors has a long history in Thailand, but under the inevitable pressures of higher production and design standards, higher wages , better materials and higher ambitions, they have progressed from the lower end of the market spectrum into the medium and high ends.

Designers and manufacturers have created a wealth of new brand names which are now making tremendous headway in the quality and niche markets overseas , backed by the network of Thai Trade Centers and Offices of Commercial Affairs , and the Commercial Offices in most of the Thai Embassies together of course with prominent national pavilions at overseas trade shows,and exhibitions within Thailand such as Bangkok International Fashion Fair, and the Thailand Leather Fair. By introducing the Thailand -- Land of Diversity & Refinement logo to Thai products and services, many aspects of Thailand are brought together into one instantly recoginizable brand. Look out for it. We guarantee that it is our country's best.