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Chainat Bird Conservation Park

Chainat Bird Conservation Park is a home to quite a variety of domestic bird species and from other countries. To mention some of foreign exotic species like Toucan, Turaco, Flamingo, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Greater Adjutant Stork, Emu, West African Crowned Crane, Macaw, Wreathed Hornbill, Greater Hornbill, Tawny Eagle, Cassowary and more.

Park pride itself with the largest bird enclosure in South East Asia. Giant birdcage is 180 meters wide, 240 meters long and it's height reaches 24 meters with area of 26 Rai. The bird live in an environment that closely simulate their natural demicile conditions. Apart from giant enclosure there are middle size enclosure and 63 small birdcages that seperate small and medium species by size and separate enclosures from predatory bird species.

Constructed aquarium site built on the bank of River Chaophraya , exhibits fresh water fish species. Near extinct fish species , rare and difficult to observe in nature, that live in Chaophraya River are collected and cultivated at the aquarium.

There are 63 aquariums with 63 species featuring fish like Siamese Tiger Fish, Blanc's Striped Featherback , Summatran Tiger Barb, Siamese Rock Catfish, Soro Brook Carp, Giant Gourami, Fire Spiny Eel, Common Freshwater Pipefish and so on.

Bangsai Arts and Crafts Village

Built and donated by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to serve as a permanent site for the demonstration and display of folk arts and crafts, the village is composed of traditional Thai-style houses representing the country's 4 main regions

The 4-Region Village consists of 6 Northern, 4 Northeastern, 7 Central and 5 Southern Region Houses.

So Convenient
Currently, the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Center welcomes more than 1 million visitors a year. Located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, or River of Kings, it is a mere 45-minute drive from Bangkok and parking space is ample. As a major tourist attraction, the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Village provides a wealth of charming and pleasurable activities not easily forgetten.

Traditional Handicrafts See exquisite Thai handicrafts being fashined by skilled artisans . Some 28 different disciplines are demonstrated here and the finished products make lovely gifts or merely a wonderful memento of your trip . Among the handicrafts made are bamboo and fern-vine basketry; woodcarvings; brocades and silk; miniature dolls; artifical flowers and blown glass figurines.

Maetaeng Elephant Park

Maetaeng Elephant Park is situated in the beautiful Maetaman Valley, some 50 kms. North of Chiang Mai . Withness the splendour of over 40 elephants as the herd wallows in the brown water of Maetaeng River and marvel at their size as they emerge dripping and refreshed just inches away from you.

Touch them , smell them , feel their power and talk to them. Select the one you like most and fed him, he will be your friend forever...

Enjoy seeing the elephants show off their skills, strength and dexterily in a demonstration that will astound you.

Ride on a cart driven by a Lampoon white ox through a rural country-side. And after lunch, you can experience a more exciting adventure -- a bamboo rafting trip on peaceful Maetaeng River.

Floating Markets

"Venis of the East" was what they called the Land of Siam centuries ago. The Thai lifestyle along the 2 sides of the many canals was very common at the time. However, those pictures are hard to see these days, except at Dumnernsaduak Canal , Ratchburi.

The Floating Market at Dumnernsaduak Canal, the link between Tah Cheen and Mae Klong River , is a highlight of most tourists holiday in Thailand. The early morning welcomes the sellers who paddle their boats into the area and form the floating market. When the tourists arriver, a fun-filled day begins with noisy bargaining as they shop for all kinds of food, local vegetables and fruits, traditional arts and crafts, potteries and much more.

Life along the sides of the Floating Market is simply intriging, and the sight is unforgettable. One could only hope to revisit, and that Dumnernsaduak would always stay as attractive as today.