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The Shriners built the Shrine Auditorium in 1926 as the headquarters for their Al Malaikah Temple Order. In keeping with the organization’s general theme and style of dress, lead architect Albert Lansburgh, designer of Hollywood’s El Capitan Theater and Mid-Wilshire’s Wiltern Theater, grafted Moorish details onto the buildings essentially Spanish Colonial Revival. With its domed and spired fa?ade and interior tent-like ceiling, the overall affect is decidedly "oriental". 

For many years the 6,700-seat auditorium was the largest theater/convention hall in the United States. Declared a Los Angeles landmark in 1975, this illustrious meeting place has been host to the Grammy Awards, the Soul Train Awards, the American Music Awards, and the Academy Awards. 

Location: 655 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Hours: Special events only 

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