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When Los Angeles City Hall was completed by architects Austin, Parkinson and Martin in 1928, it fundamentally changed the look of downtown. Not only was it the first building to exceed the 150 foot height limit, its observation deck offered the best unobstructed view of Mt. Whitney, 15 miles away. Because earthquake safety was a concern, the architects constructed the 28-story tower with innovative compressible joints at each floor, like a human spine. Until the 1994 Northridge Earthquake these structural precautions worked well. But after discovering extensive damage, City Hall was vacated for seismic rehabilitation and remodeling. 

In 2001 this venerable buildingNfeatured on-screen as police headquarters in the "Dragnet" TV series; home of the Daily Planet in the old "Superman" TV series; and target for the Martians in the film "War of the Worlds" - reopened, primed to lead the City of Los Angeles into the 21st century. 

Location: 200 North Spring Street 
Hours: Observation Deck: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm 

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