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The Fine Arts Building, built in the Romanesque Revival style by Walker and Eisen in 1927, is a feast for architecture-lovers' eyes. In 1983, the Fine Arts Building was restored and renovated by developer Ratkovich and Bowers, and architect Brenda Levin. 

Designed as a working and display space for artisans, the exterior of this twelve-story jewel is a veritable terracotta menagerie of decorative forms (griffins, gargoyles, birds, stylized fish and assorted fantastic creatures). Colossal sculpted figures seem magically emerge from the facade on multiple levels. The building's interior opens into a lofty two-story Spanish Renaissance "courtyard" tiled lobby with a gallery-mezzanine. The original bronze figures representing Architecture, Painting, Textile Arts and Ceramics placed throughout the foyer and corridors are by Burt Johnson. 

Location: 811 W. 7th Street 
Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm 

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