Washington State

The Lewis & Clark Expedition

On October 10, 1805, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set foot upon Washington soil for the first time.  The 205 days that ensued led them along a route now named the Lewis and Clark Trail Highway.  Today, this route is enriched with museums, state parks, campsites and scenic viewpoints, each piecing together a part of the fascinating adventures of the Corps of Discovery.

Many locals, between Clarkston and Ilwaco, are immersed in Lewis and Clark lore along the 400-mile trail through Washington State.  Some are expert historians, some enthusiasts.  They tend the tale of the trail, the artifacts and the memory of the greatest land expedition to pass through the Pacific Northwest.  Communities along the trail are gearing up for a year-long, state-wide celebration of the 2005 bicentennial of the Expedition.  This defining episode in American history is coming alive through re-enactments, festivals, performances, military displays and much more.

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