Washington State

Adventuring Outdoors

BICYCLING -- Explore Washington State at a leisurely pace.  Many communities offer extensive bike trails that are perfect for the entire family.  For the more adventuresome, there are hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails and several long-distance tours and challenge rides available.  Click here for more information.

BOAT CRUISES AND TOURS --Visitors can take full advantage of Washington's numerous waterways through a variety of boat cruises and tours offered across the state.  Click here for more information.

FISHING -- Washington State has an abundance of great fisheries including freshwater lakes, rivers and streams, as well as salt-water fishing in Puget Sound and off the Washington Coast.  Click here for more information.

GOLFING -- Golfers can enjoy some of the world’s most diverse and dramatic vistas as they travel the fairways and pursue their passion. Many famous course designers have been anxious to use the state’s beautiful landscapes to create world-class courses. In many areas, relatively mild weather allows courses to stay open year-round.  Click here for more information.

HIKING -- Washington State boasts millions of acres of public lands -- including three National Parks -- which offer scenic backcountry hiking in a variety of terrains.  Trails range from paved wheelchair accessible pathways to moderate walks to strenuous hikes.  The Pacific Coast Trail bi-sects the State from north to south.  Click here for more information.

HOT AIR BALLOONING -- Imagine gliding peacefully through the air in a colorful hot air balloon.  While festivals in Winthrop and Walla Walla draw thousands of balloon enthusiasts and aeronauts each year, others consider ballooning to reflect a more intimate experience...choosing to propose or hold their weddings aloft.  Click here for more information.

LLAMA TREKKING -- A guided llama or horse trek is ideal for the person who wants to be pampered while experiencing nature. High country and rain forest outfitters haul gear, cook meals, and set up camp, leaving riders free to admire the bold landscapes.  Click here for more information.

PARAGLIDING -- Paragliding fulfills mankind’s oldest dream... free flight! Paragliding is about finesse and tranquility, not strength and adrenaline. There is no free-falling or jumping off cliffs, just a gentle lift and exhilarating flight before slowly descending back to the landing spot.  Click here for more information.

RIVER RAFTING --River rafting inspires drifting lazily in the sun or battling whitewater. The decision to float or pursue that adrenaline rush is predominantly a question of time of year. Snowmelt in spring brings rushing courses of rapids up to Class V’s. Calm by summer, the same rivers produce gentle floats.  Click here for more information.

ROCK CLIMBING -- Whether new to the sport or an accomplished rock climber looking for advanced climbs, courses and sites throughout Washington State exist for all skill levels.  Click here for more information.

SEA KAYAKING -- Sea kayaking creates an intimate bond between the paddler and the ocean. Quiet and unobtrusive, a kayak is a sturdy, yet swift vehicle for exploring the myriad forms of sea life found in the San Juan archipelago. Click here for more information.