Washington State

Scenic Wonders

Panoramic views encircle the city of Seattle as if it were a ship on water.  The snocapped peaks of Mount Rainier and Mount Baker lie to the south and north respectively, the Olympic mountain range frames Elliott Bay on Puget Sound to the west, and past Lake Washington, the Cascade Mountains stretch along the horizon to the east.  Once you've stepped aboard Seattle, it's easy to see how Washington's diverse topography invites a closer look.  Cross over the mountains into Eastern Washington, and you'll experience abundant scenery full of interesting contrasts and rural discoveries. 

Two hours east of Seattle, brilliant sunshine soaks cattle ranches, hop farms, and vineyards.  Here, rodeos and Native American pow wows are expressions of time-old traditions, and the annual “crush” in the fall is a newer addition.  Through this countryside run the Yakima River and the mighty Columbia River, cutting swaths through gorges, arid coulees and desert dunes. Petrified forests, one of the country’s longest, deepest lakes (Lake Chelan) and Texan-big wheat fields undulating through the Palouse country all hold special attraction.

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