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First of all, it could recommend to young people and families with children. The forms of active winter rest, proposed in Poland, are quite diverse: in addition to traditional routes to the mountain, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, there are a biathlon stadiums, bobsled tracks, swimming pools, rollers and jumps.

Russian tourists often can be found in Zakopane, Krynica, Shchyrke, Karpacz and Szklarska Porembe, where they will be happy to come to one - two weeks. The most popular trips in the new year period, the students’ winter and spring school holidays.But this will have to use the Visa Services, to obtain a visa.

Zakopane is traditionally called the winter capital of Poland. This is the most famous Polish center of winter sports. Its undeniable advantages are a wonderful nature of the Tatra Mountains, a great variety of slopes and trails, colorful of Gyrals’ folklore, and a wide variety of apres-ski. But at the same time, it is very expensive and obviously overladen resort. In addition, there are scattered areas of skiing, there is no integrated transport system, and ski lift tickets, and archaic land tenure system leads to the annual outage lifts, closure of trails and suspension of plans to build new ski lifts and trails. But all this can not account for fan hangouts in Krupuvkah …

Krynica Zdroj is situated east of the Tatra Mountains, it is called the pearl of Polish health resorts. Krynica is a popular old balneological resort with several unique sources of mineral waters. And today it is also the most dynamic ski center on the slope of the array Jaworzyna Krynitska (1114 m), the basis of which became for most modern in Poland Gondols’ lift.

To get to the Polish winter resorts in the New Year time is easy, when Moscow’s tour operators have traditionally organized the direct chartered train from Moscow to Krakow on 27 December and 2 January. This season is scheduled charter flight from St. Petersburg to Krakow. One of Moscow’s tour operators raised short-chains from Moscow in Katowice from December, 29th, 2006 to January, 17th, 2007. It should be noted that some Russian companies continue to offer tourists frugal, but rather tedious version of the carriage by train from Moscow to Brest and than more 7-8-hour bus transfer. And for tourists from the Kaliningrad region have common bus moving at a popular winter vacation in Zakopane, the Vistula and Krynica.

In general, talking about the winter holidays in Poland, should provide high expert evaluation of European tour operators and experts of the EU and prospects for development of infrastructure in Poland ski resorts. In addition to hundreds of centers operating in the south, there are still more than 90% interest, no development of mountain slopes, ideal for the construction of new ski centers. Moreover, in the Western Carpathians and the Sudety transportation network developed well, and dozens of local spa resorts are interested in infrastructure development and implementation of major projects.