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With each passing year it becomes more difficult to immigrate to Poland. While on television, and you can hear all kinds of simplifications in obtaining visas (use visa services) and documents for the visa is still considered more carefully now, and quite a long time. And the stamp in the passport is not free any more. To a greater extent this is due to the European status of Poland and its accession to the Schengen zone. The old Soviet proverb «Chicken is not a bird, Poland is not abroad» little relevance…

Immigration to Poland is so attractive that we have a similar mentality with the Poles and languages. Affected joint Slavic roots. Only in my view, our neighbors respected the laws strongerer, there is more order and culture.

How can we realize the desire to emigrate to Poland? At the moment there are three main ways.

Find a Job in Poland

To obtain a working visa employer must send to potential employees «invitation to work» (oświadczenie), the official and certified in the form of local government employment (urzędzie pracy). This is an invitation to a special law on seasonal work permits to legally work within 6 months (only for Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians).

Then, if the employer is satisfied with the work performed, it is possible he will design «work permit» (zezwolenie na pracę). This document will require a lot of time and patience, but with it the worker can stay in Poland for one year. True, the first time they may be granted for eight to ten months, with further extension for one year.

Enter into the Polish Educational Institution

This is a profitable and promising, as the prices are democratic, plus you have the opportunity to obtain a European diploma. For student visa you need to confirm the receipt of the Polish educational institution. Basically, it received after the interview and confirm the payment instruction. For foreign nationals, there is only form of training fee, usually without entrance examinations. A visa is automatically renewed each year. Student visa may be grounds for a temporary residence card (karta czasowego pobytu). At present, foreign students have the right legally to work 6 months within a year.

Open Your Company in Poland

On receipt of all documents, including work permits and temporary residence card (karta czasowego pobytu) will take several months. This option will approach those who have a start-up capital. The minimum charter capital for the opening of a Polish company (SRL) - 50 thousand zloty. As the founder(-s) of the company is easier to obtain a work permit and as a consequence, the temporary residence card, the first time they are issued for eight months, and subsequently extended for a year.

Financial responsibility of owners is limited to their contribution to charter capital. Recently, a lot of bogus companies are opened, which only get a work permit in Poland. But in the future, the owners do not operate their companies and try to find work in other Polish companies. Therefore, most likely in the near future is expected that the procedure of opening Sp. z o.o. (SRL) will be complex.

‘Karta czasowego pobytu’ gives the right to freedom of movement (without a visa) for the Schengen area within 3 months. After five years of residence in Poland, based on a work permit, you can decorate the card resident EU and ‘kartu stałego pobytu’ (permanent residence). Upon receipt of ‘karty stałego pobytu’ you can make a request for registration of the citizenship of Poland. Card of the resident permits to live and work throughout the EU.

There is also an opportunity to immigrate to Poland via the «Polyak Card», but only if there are relatives of Polish descent. Also in the interview with the consul you need to know the Polish language, culture and history.

Also foreigners - the spouses of Polish citizens - have a right to reside and work in Poland. But the procedure for obtaining permit for such individuals in recent years, is complicated much. There is a need to live together for a long period to prove that the marriage is not fictitious.