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Above all, Hanover is known as one of the most popular fair locations in the world. Every year in March, for example, the CeBit takes place, the world`s biggest computer exhibition. In addition, Hanover was host of the World Fair Expo in the year 2000. Nevertheless, apart from the fairs and main events, Hanover offers its visitors a great many thing.

Numerous historical buildings adorn the city, an exceptionally arranged zoo tempts families with children and vast parks invite to relaxation. Probably the most beautiful amongst them are Herrenhouser Gorten, a baroque park with landscape gardens in the most various styles.

Infos and Sights

Horse-town Celle
Our destination takes us to the town of Celle, a place that is known well beyond its borders for two things: the beautifully maintained old part of town, with its lovingly restored half-timbered houses, ...

A tour to the rose of Hildesheim
The rose has become the symbol of Hildesheim and at the same time it acts as a guide for visitors. A visit to the nearby town of Hameln is quite literally like walking into a fairy tale.

Hannover - Modern & Chic
Hannover has the most important trade fair in northern Germany. Of course, Hannover itself is also worth a visit; far from the hustle and bustle of the trade fairs, its interesting history, art and culture also have a great appeal.

In the Realm of Myths and Legends
There are many places in Germany that shrouded in mystery and legend. Follow us to mysterious places which preserved their secrets until now.

In the houses of Celle
Wandering through the old town of Celle, in Lower Saxony, it doesn't take much imagination to travel back through time. The historic town centre, with its winding alleys and half-timbered houses, has been perfectly preserved. But ...

Mohlhausen - A Town of Churches
Mohlhausen is a city of churches. In the old city centre alone there are eleven to admire and everyone of it offers a vivid historical atmosphere.

Out in the Country
More and more families choose a farm holiday. We travelled the Mountains of Hesse, where the cocks crow heartly and the cows are especially happy.

Art in Kassel
In the time of documenta, the art world is looking at Kasel. For 100 Days the whole city turns to a big museum. But even between Documentas, Kassel still attracts a lot of attention in the art world.

Westphalia - The Land of Horses
Up on the horseback - horses from Westphalia are special. At the Merfelder Bruch, near Dolmen, the only stud farm for wild horses on the European continent has survived.

Stolberg, a Half-timbered Jewel
Hidden in the narrow valleys of the Southern Harz Stolberg survived many centurys unharmed and unchanged. The medieval half-timber village has a fairy-tale charme as has the surrounding landscape.

Demons and Witches
Since the old times Witches and demons are the ones to drive out the last winter chill in the Harz Mountains. After the "Walpurgisnacht" the climbing season starts here, too.

Family Holidays in the Waldecker Land
The Waldecker Land in the north of Hesse is an ideal place for a family holyday. That means a "Farm Holiday".

Bad Driburg in the Egge Mountains
There is many a surprise to find in the quiet town of Bad Driburg. The southern rim of the Teutoburger Forrest offers a lot to spend a holiday.

Wolfenbottel - City of the Welfs
The Welfs had their residence in Wolfenbottel for 300 years. The famous Herzog August Library is but one of many attractions that lead back to this period of time.

Hannover after the Expo
The old centre of Hannover has been rebuild after the war and now it is one of the city's attractions. As is the former Expo ground, where we have a look behind the scenes of a hit-producing music company.

World Exposition in Hannover
In 2000, the world came to Hannover. The first world exposition held in Germany attracted millions of visitors to the Lower Saxony capital. One of the most interesting sights was the German pavillion. ...

The Pied Piper Town Hameln
In the mountainous Weser river country, lies the small town of Hameln. Once a member of the mighty Hanseatic League of trading cities, there are still many reminders of this rich period everywhere. For ...