Washington State


A guided llama or horse trek is ideal for the person who wants to be pampered while experiencing nature. High country and rain forest outfitters haul gear, cook meals, and set up camp. The bold landscapes of the Pasayten wilderness in the North Cascades Mountain Range and the Olympic National Park’s rain forest valleys and alpine highlands abound with wildlife. Olympic Mountains weather fact: summer and fall are usually dry; most of the rain occurs in the winter and spring. Llamas look and lick, but they don’t often spit! Llamas are used as hiking companions because of their quiet and inquisitive nature. Highly efficient grazers, llamas are gentle with children and on the environment and carry up to 125 pounds, and their soft-padded foot makes them low-impact pack animals. Many of the 50+ llama farms in Washington have websites, or you can contact Llama Owners of Washington State, which lists 39 farm and ranch members. Call 800-399-5262.