Scotland Culture

Scots law

County retains the Scots law, unique legal system of their own, which is base on the Roman laws that combines features of common and civil law. With England, term of Union is specified retention of the separate system. Barristers are called advocates while judges of high court for the civil cases are same for the high court for criminal type of cases. Law of Scotland differs from the common law system of England.


Country has several associations for national sporting, such as Scottish Rugby Union and Scottish Football Association that gives independent representation at several international events as football World Cup. Country can't compete in Olympic games independently and the athletes of Scotland much compete as the part of Great Britain team if wish to take part in Olympics. Main football league and competitions are also organized by Scottish Premier league.


Scotland has the distinct media from rest of United Kingdom; it produces many newspapers such as Daily Record, Broadsheet, The Herald and Scotsman a Sunday newspaper in Edinburgh.

Scotland has also its own BBC, which includes national radio Station, Scottish Gaelic and BBC Radio of Scotland; it is an independent radio throughout the country. There are also independent TV stations such as Border and STV. Northern Ireland and Wales with exception of current affairs and news, comedy, cultural and sports as well as Gaelic language programs.


Country has extremely strong traditions in the philosophy. Duns Scotus was premier medieval scholastics. Enlightenment Edinburgh in Scotland became home for the astonishing amount of the intellectual talent, which includes Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith and David Hume. Other cities also produce some major thinkers such as Aberdeen and Thomas Reid at this time. While contribution of Scotland in 19 th and 20 th centuries, there had steady stream of the major philosophers that has not been so impressive.