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There are many volcanic regions in parts of the world. Those living in these regions are at risk from volcanic ash, debris and lava flows. A major eruption can deposit huge quantities of ash across vast areas creating serious problems for urban and rural communities.



Floods & Tsunamis

Before an Eruption Threatens

  • If volcanologists agree that a life-threatening eruption is likely to take place, a National Disaster emergency will be declared and the danger area evacuated.
  • Listen to your radio for information and follow national disaster advice.

During an Eruption

  • Save water in your bath, basin, containers or cylinders at an early stage – supplies may become polluted.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Wear mask and goggles if you go outside, to keep volcanic ashes out of your eyes and lungs.
  • Keep gutters and roofs of ash – heavy deposits can collapse on the roof.
  • Take your outdoor clothing off before entering a building – volcanic ash is difficult to get rid off.
  • Take your getaway kit with you if you have to leave. Turn electricity off at the main and the gas cylinder too.
  • Keep below ridgelines in hilly terrains – the hill will offer some protection from flying volcanic debris.
  • If advised by the national disaster management office, leave your home immediately.