Costa Rica: Northern Zone

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Northern Zone Arenal, Sarapiqu Monteverde: This area is rich in rain forest, waterfalls, caverns, lakes, wild rivers, hot springs and the spectacular conical Arenal Volcano. You will also find an incredibly diversity of wildlife and flora. Rising 1,633 meters on the horizon, Arenal volcano is the most spectacular attraction of the region.

The volcano rumbles regularly and bursts into occasional explosions that send molten lava and incandescent boulders flying in all directions. Near the volcano, the scenic blue waters of Arenal Lake complement one of the most amazing regions of Central America. Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve is a forest reserve of 10,500 hectares and a popular destination for nature lovers. More than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and120 species of amphibious and reptiles live within the boundaries of Monteverde.

Distances: San Jose to San Carlos 3 hours, San Jose to Sarapiqui 2 hours, San Jose to Monteverde 4 hours, San Jose to Valle Escondido 2 hours.

Things to do in San Carlos, Sarapiquamp; Monteverde

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Nothing short of 'awesome' is theonly way to describe the feeling one has when seeing Arenal Volcano for the first time. Moving through the valleys of the agriculturally rich Northern Zone up through San Carlos and into the towering rain forest, this is one of the most inviting regions in Costa Rica . The Arenal volcano is the classical shaped volcano. Emerging majestically from the gentle green hills, the volcano towers over nearby Lake Arenal . A large fresh water reservoir, the lake is popular for fishing and boating. Enjoy the Volcano Observatory while dining on the viewing deck.


Ascending through lush and fertile pasturelands to the misty heights of Monteverde and the Cloud Forest Reserve inspires a true sense of the traveler discovering a land like no other. Home of the exotic Quetzal, the cloud forests are where the amateur and professional naturalist will find Mother Nature in all her glory. Hundreds of varieties of ferns and mosses cover the floor of the forest, while towering trees form a dark canopy to protect the colorful species of frogs, birds and butterflies.