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The Watts Towers is a mosaic wonderland, the inspired vision of Simon Rodia, an unschooled Italian immigrant who was a cement finisher/construction worker by trade. Over the course of 33 years, Rodia poured his artistic soul into the creation of 17 structures - the tallest of which rises nearly 100 feet - all built on his property. The spires are a handmade patchwork of glazed tiles, seashells, mirrors, broken pottery and shards of colored glass bottles imbedded in concrete columns and held together without the benefits of rivets, welds or bolts. 

It’s one man’s dream, to be sure, and among the best examples of folk art masterpieces Los Angeles has to offer. 

Location: 1727 E. 107th Street
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-4pm Sunday: 12pm-4pm

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