Dusseldorf, Germany

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Rhenish cheerfulness combined with cosmopolitan charm, this is Dusseldorf. In particular, the metropolis on the Rhine and the Dussel has risen to fame as a fashion city. Several times in a year the fair IGEDO presents the latest fashion trends here. And on Kunigsallee, one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Germany, the creations are available on the spot. In the Altstadt, on the other hand, life is rather calm than exclusive. Here one Altbierkneipe follows the other. Together they form the so-called ulungste Theke der Welt. People celebrate here the whole year long, but especially heartily during carnival. For Dusseldorf ranks with the leading places of carnival folly on the Rhine.

Infos and Sights

Dusseldorf, a Metropolis on the Rhine
The Rhine is more than just a place where carnival is celebrated, a fact that is demonstrated more obviously in Dusseldorf than anywhere else. The metropolis on the Rhine is famous as a city of art, ...

Bochum - Herz des Ruhrgebiets
Our final destination in this week's program takes us into an area which was formerly only known for steel and coal. However, with the decline of these industries in the late 20th century, the 'Pot' as ...

Dusseldorfer Chic
Dusseldorf is Germany's design capital. Numerous fashion shows were held here every year and you can see the fashion every day on the Ku, Germany's best-known and most exclusive shopping promenade.

Castle in Munsterland
Travelling through the Munsterland in the west of Germany, it's easy to feel as if you'd been transported back into the heyday of princes and barons. In the Munsterland alone you can still admire more than 100 of these magnificent buildings.

The Hanseatic City of Soest
Soest was one of the Hanseatic League's founders and in the 12th century it was the biggest and wealthiest town in Westfalia. The surrounding "Soester Borde" is an ideal area for bikers.

Muhlheim on the Ruhr River
The Ruhr Valley is worth a visit, and this visit should start at Molheim. If you look for unususal impressions, you can board an airship here.

On the Hamaland Mill Route
Wind- and water-mills mark the landscape of the Hamaland. This region between the Monsterland and the Netherland's Achterhoek has some very exotic inhabitants, too.

Song of the Nibelungs
The Song of the Nibelungs plays a fundamental role in German folklore. Our journey following the tracks of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer leads from Xanten at the Lower Rhine to Worms.

Dusseldorf - Art on the Rhine
Art has a place on the left and the right bank of the Rhine in Dusseldorf. We have a look behind the scenes.

The Heart of the Ruhr Region
Gelsenkirchen`s coal and steel industry is gone. The city has a new juwel, the "Schalke"-arena and it also houses one of the world's largest model train installations.